First Class Information

Here are answers for some frequently asked questions about your first class:

Where is dojo located?

We located at:
Esposito's Karate Fitness Center
230 Adams Street,Newton, MA 02458
location details at our web site.
You could also use
this link for directions using Google Maps.

Parking is free at the lot by the Esposito's Karate Fitness Center.
The entrance is on the LEFT SIDE OF THE BUILDING, the SECOND door at the ground level (not the door with the stairs at the corner!)
Please proceed through the door to the reception and take stairs down to the basement level.
Sensei will meet you in dojo.

When to arrive for the class?

Class will start as scheduled, but you will need time to fill the waiver before the class, so please be in the dojo at least 15-20 minutes before the class.
Please bring your photo ID. For accompaning the minors, the legal guardians will need to present a proof of guardianship.

What I/my kid should wear for the introductory class?

The introductory Aikido class participants can wear any marital art uniform they have (no special protection gear needed).
Otherwise, the participant can wear the long training pants and T-shorts, long sleeve preferred.

We are training barefoot, but if there is a medical condition that requires you or your kid to wear socks, it will be allowed for that class.
However, socks are highly undesirable as they can be a slipping/stumbling hazard for your and others.

Can I/my kid change in the dojo?

You can use men's/women's changing rooms by the downstairs dojo.
Also, there are benches by the dojo mats, it is OK if kids take off socks/shoes/jackets there.
Please mind that minors are not allowed in the dojo without adult supervision; and, specifically, minors are not allowed in changing rooms without the parent/legal guardian supervision. No minors allowed at the gym equipment floor, anytime.

Can I leave my kid for the class at the dojo?

For the introductory class, we would like you to stay in the dojo for the whole duration of the class.
There are benches by the dojo mats from where you can observe the class.

Can I bring any drinks or food?

Food or drinks are not allowed in dojo.
However, you can bring the water/juice/other soft drink in the bottle for your kid and yourself.